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    • Blue Barrier Family of liquid applied waterproofing membranes – CodeMark Certified System
    • Final Flat Roof – FFR-K1 – Liquid applied waterproofing membrane for flat roofs
    • Eco-Seal 100 – Pitched and flat roof water-proofing membrane
    • Mule-Hide – Jointing tapes
    • Eco-Glow – Glow in the dark, night visible coating

Blue Barrier

A system to protect all structural locations that are vulnerable to unwanted air, moisture, and mould intrusion

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Substantial Benefits of Blue Barrier

  • Building Appraisal
  • Single Stage Application
  • Dry or Wet Installation
  • No primers / No Mixing
  • Eco-friendly, Proprietary Formula
  • Spread, Brush, Gun, Roll or Spray
  • Fully Compatible System

CodeMark is the name of the scheme for the certification of building products in Australia and New Zealand. The scheme has been developed by the Australian Building Codes Board in Australia and the Department of Building and Housing in New Zealand. The scheme is designed to provide high level confidence that building products, correctly used in either Australia or New Zealand, will meet or contribute to the meeting of, the relevant Building Code ‘performance requirements’.

Building control authorities are required to accept a CodeMark Certificate by law.

Final Flat Roof

 The Roofing Store – Official retail stockist of FFR-K1, Mule-Hide Tapes and Re-enforcing Scrim – Store Locations

Waterproof and protect a variety of roofing systems surfaces.

✭ FFR-K1 Learn-moreFFR-K1 Logo OrangeTrans Substantial Benefits of FFR-K1

  • 100% adhesion of product to clean and sound substrate.
  • Adheres to damp/wet surfaces without priming
  • Kevlar® infused for strength
  • Retains flexibility in sub zero conditions
  • Withstands damage from most chemicals and severe environments.
  • Withstands ponding water (20 year system)
  • Especially suited to applications where surface movement may defeat the protection of a rigid, non reinforced coating

Eco-Seal 100 (Coloured)

Pitched & flat roof poly-aspartic water-proofing membrane. It is an all-purpose, fully adhered, poly-aspartic liquid membrane that can be applied by roller, brush or spray applications to create a durable flexible membrane for deck and roof installations, as well as a non-permeable wall tanking membrane coating.

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Substantial Benefits of Eco-Seal 100

  • Cost effective for those large jobs.
  • One step application, no primer required unless applied to bitumen or silicon based substrates
  • Superior shore hardness
  • Ideal viscosity, supports roller, brush and spray applications.
  • Exceptional adhesion, bonds to multiple substrates
  • Proprietary modified poly-aspartic technology, produces a durable seamless membrane.
  • Environmentally friendly, solvent free, isocyanate free and VOC free.
  • Tested by independent ISO 90001 laboratory for 10,000 hours UV weathering.
  • Contains latest German technology components.

Mule-Hide Tapes

Mule-Hide Tapes can be used on most external substrates to strip in side laps, end laps, bridge transitions and penetrations prior to the application of a Blue Barrier or FFR-K1 coating.

✭ Mule-Hide Tapes – Learn moreMule Hide Substantial Benefits of Mule-Hide Tape

  • Mule-Hide Tapes make a permanent watertight seal.
  • May be used on thermoplastic membranes and asphaltic substrates
  • They will adhere to most wood, glass, plastics, concrete and metals.

Eco-Glow 100 PL

Eco-Glow 100 PL is a two pack flexible self priming high hysteresis water-proofing membrane, designed for on-site application to walkways, bridge rails, tunnels and building entrances, concrete coving, wharfs and jetties, roof top walkways, step, stairs and ladders or any substrate that needs to be visible during the hours of darkness.

✭ Eco-Glow 100 PL – Learn more Substantial Benefits of Eco-Glow

  • Single high build capability application
  • Superior shore hardness, prevents coating wear and tear.
  • Ideal viscosity, supports roller, brush and spray applications.
  • Exceptional adhesion, bonds to multiple substrates
  • 8 – 10 hours of visible glow performance.
  • Contains latest German technology components.