Underwater Sealant 3200P

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Technical Documents

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Approved Applications

  • Bridge substrate gaps and transitions above and below waterline.
  • Underwater detail flashing applications.
  • Suitable where shock, vibration, shrinking or swelling are concerns.
  • Repair leaky seams and sealant failures in aquatic enclosures.

Features and Benefits

  • Dry, wet or underwater applied, will bond and cure underwater.
  • Certified safe for use in drinking water storage tanks whether applied dry or underwater- AUS/NZ 4020
  • Independently tested for marine toxicity, Safe for aquatic life.
  • Superior shore hardness/Prevents flashing wear and tear.
  • Exceptional underwater adhesion, bonds and cures to multiple substrates underwater.
  • Non sag, creates a better and cleaner application bead.
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% Solids, solvent free, isocyanate free and low VOC.
  • Proprietary (STPE) technology, provides superior adhesion.
  • Tack free in <60 min, allows for greater productivity and can be used as an emergency water stop above or below the waterline.


Aqua Guard Underwater Sealant 3200P is an advanced proprietary (STPE) technology specifically designed for underwater applications in both fresh and salt water. Underwater Sealant can be used as a flashing or sealant to bridge voids and seal substrate joints and transitions that are in continuous contact with water. Can be applied in dry and wet conditions or underwater. There is also a non-potable version, that requires advanced notice for ordering.