Liquid Flashing 2100

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Approved Applications

  • Window and Door Installation.
  • Vertical Walls.
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    Features and Benefits
  • Single stage product, no mixing needed.
  • One step application, no primer required.
  • Superior shore hardness, prevents membrane wear and tear.
  • Permeable, allows substrates to breath.
  • High viscosity, supports gun and spread applications.
  • Exceptional adhesion, bonds to multiple substrates.
  • Proprietary modified (STPE) technology, produces durable seamless membrane.
  • Environmentally friendly, solvent free, isocyanate free and low VOC.
  • Wet surface application, bonds and cures in wet conditions.
  • Class A surface burning rated, provides added fire protection against flame spread and smoke development.
  • Contains fungicide, mould resistant.


Blue Barrier Liquid Flashing 2100 is an all-purpose, liquid applied flashing used in construction applications to bridge dissimilar materials and to create weather resistant, fully adhered pan membranes in window and door installations.
Liquid Flashing can be applied over surfaces and substrates that have been prepared per the BEP® Blue Barrier Application Guides.

Blue Barrier Liquid Flashing 2100 is part of the BEP® air and moisture barrier system.