Muck Off


The driveway in front of our house is on the Southern side and we get a thick build up of Moss and Lichen.

I sprayed a 4 metre square area of driveway with the product to test two things

1.Effectiveness of killing moss and lichen and time to do so

2.Cleaning of driveway

I observed a noticable kill off after 5 days and a full kill after 7 days,when I hozed the driveway off afterwards it was certainly considerably cleaner.

The benifits of the product for me are threefold in addition to a cost effective solution to to killing moss and mould

1.Speed of reaction none corrosive slow release products cost me big money on Industrial jobs as scaffolding has to sit there for  2 months whilst the product works  before we can encapsulate the Super 6 roofs,the savings on hireage is huge.

2.Sodium Hypochorate based products whilst fast reacting are corrosive and dangerous to use plus they actually damage to the cement matrix MucK Off works fast and is none toxic.

3.Plant damage especially important in domestic situations but equally relevant in commercial and Industrail situations were staff and the public are exposed to possible side effects.Muck off did not kill the plants I have alongside the driveway .

In summary I would highly reccomend Muck Off as a Fast Safe Solution for your Moss and  Lichen killing needs .


Andrew Boag
NZ Rooftranz ltd







NY Port Authority