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‘Supplying Complete Structural Waterproofing Solutions’

Your Waterproofing Project

✭ Commercial Buildings/Homes
✭ Leaky home solution – Monitoring and Testing
✭ Leaky home solution – Repairs & Application
✭ Flood Protection
✭ Aquariums
✭ Concrete Swimming Pool Crack Repair
✭ Water Storage Tanks
✭ Marine Piling and Mining
✭ Storage Ponds
✭ Protect Masonry & Timbers

Technical Documents

Our Products

Walls, Doors & Windows

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Blue BarrierLiquid Wrap
Blue BarrierJoint Filler
Blue BarrierLiquid Flashing
Blue BarrierFlash ‘N Wrap

➥ Overview of the Blue Barrier System

Flat Roofs, Internal Gutters FFR_Roof

✭ MULE-HIDE – Flashing/Jointing Tapes

Under Water waterreservoir

✭ MSCP Aqua Guard Sea Weld 3100 – Fibre re-enforced Structural filler/sealer
MSCP Aqua Guard Underwater Sealant 3200 P (Potable) – Filler/sealer

Masonry/Timber Protection eagle

✭ Eagle (Non gloss) Water-Repellent