ABEP is a manufacturer and supplier of waterproofing products for all types of buildings and structures. We specialise in polyaspartic liquid membranes, glow-in-the-dark coatings, STPE sealants and full building wrap products. Our polyaspartic liquid membranes have been formulated by us to withstand New Zealand’s high-intensity UV and harsh weather conditions.

The majority of our products are organic and solvent-free for minimal environmental impact. This ensures the health and safety of our team as well as the end-user. Our eco products have been formulated to create high solids coatings systems which are user-friendly with longer working times and still maintain a fast-cure.

Supplying Comprehensive Structural Waterproofing Solutions

We are a team of experienced industry professionals specialising in highly effective environmentally conscious products. Our combined knowledge and experience enable us to offer you the best products and methods for your project.

You can have confidence in our products as they have a track record of success on all types of buildings belonging to Fonterra, NZDF, Tiptop, BNZ, NCTIR and many other residential and commercial properties.

We manufacture our products here in New Zealand too, ensuring consistently high-quality standards.

In addition, we can custom manufacture the product you need according to your requirements

Why Choose Us?

We have been manufacturing and supplying industry-leading products in New Zealand since 2010. Here’s what you can expect when you choose an ABEP product:

  • High-quality, solvent-free waterproofing solutions
  • Products custom-made to your requirements
  • Developed and Manufactured in New Zealand
  • Warranties on products from 10 years up to a max 30 years on specified applications.
  • Competitive prices

Please contact us on +64 6 835 1881 or +64 27 2358 351 to find out more.